rhet map

mapping rhetoric and composition



Rhetmap’s JIL visualization is updated between Thursday-Sunday each week (Generally Thursday night/Friday afternoon) and notifications/updates to rhetmap are posted to Twitter.

It is recommended that job seekers use the open data (Google Docs) spreadsheet at the top of each job market page. Some job seekers may find it useful to copy and export the spreadsheet and used it for keeping track of their job applications.

For job seekers, rhetmap may be a useful resource to share with dual career partners, interested family and friends.

For faculty, rhetmap’s job market visualization may be useful to keep track of market trends. Combined with the PhD map, rhetmap may be a useful resource to communicate realities about doctoral programs and the job market to potential and current graduate students.

Institutions may list jobs on rhetmap at http://rhetmap.org/list . As of 2017-2018, about ten percent of listings on rhetmap.org did not appear on the MLA JIL.

If you find other uses for Rhetmap resources, please e-mail me at ridolfo at gmail dot com..


rhetmap.org started in the first half of 2012 as a project to map doctoral programs in Rhetoric and Composition. In September 2012, I began to map the Rhetoric and Composition category of the 2012-2013 MLA Job Information List in response to a blog post by Collin Brooke.

If you want to keep up with rhetmap developments, you can follow me on twitter at http://twitter.com/ridolfoj. I also welcome any e-mail feedback, suggestions, additions, or requests: ridolfo at gmail dot com.


Jim Ridolfo