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In the last two seasons I have received numerous requests to list job advertisements on rhetmap.org that are not listed on the #mlajil. As promised, here are two new listing options for AY 2018-2019.


(1) Early bird special. If you wish to appear early on rhetmap.org (Aug 23 2018, two weeks before the #mlajil), and then still list later on the MLA JIL, I recommend a minimum $50.00 dollar donation to one of the professional organizations below. Please allow a few days to pass before e-mailing me about any problems. You will need to provide a URL to interfolio or your university’s advertisement.

(2) Off the #MLAJIL. If you wish to list on rhetmap.org and not on the MLA JIL, then rhetmap is free, a savings of at least $550 for your institution. Given that savings, I do recommend a ten dollar donation below to a professional organization fund for graduate students and/or contingent faculty listed below.

(3) Same old, same old. If you list on MLA JIL, rhetmap.org will continue mirror the data free of charge to you.


I recommend four professional funds to support graduate students and contingent faculty. Please choose any of the below, and please donate in the name of rhetmap. If you wish, please e-mail me and let me know about your donation. If you wish, your donation will be listed on rhetmap.org.

Conference on College Composition and Communication

Assistance for Contingent Faculty (Donations are matched by CCCC the last few years! This is a great option)

Computers and Writing

Ride to Computers and Writing (Supports graduate student travel to C&W)

Rhetoric Society of America

Janice Lauer Fund for Graduate Student Support (to support travel to RSA conference)

Michael Leff Fund for Graduate Student Support at the RSA Institute

Instructions for submitting

Fill out the Google Form below to be listed on rhetmap:


Please allow a few days to pass before e-mailing me about any problems. Note: rhetmap.org does not host the actual advertisement. You will need to provide an external URL for interfolio/your university’s advertisement. If you choose to list on rhetmap.org and not the #mlajil, I still expect schools will abide by the recommendations from the MLA Committee on Academic Freedom and Professional Rights and Responsibilities on “Guidelines for Search Committees and Job Seekers on Entry-Level Faculty Recruitment and Hiring” here: http://www.mla.org/jil_jobseekers_caf